7 Advantages of Industrial Aluminum Profile Frames

Currently, in many production and processing industries, industrial aluminum profiles are used as processing raw materials, mainly because industrial aluminum profile frames simplify product design and production processes, reduce product weight, reduce processes and mold quantities, save materials, and facilitate storage and transportation. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and characteristics of aluminum profile frames below!

The structure is the strip formed by moving a certain planar geometry along a straight line perpendicular to it in space. The strip made of aluminum and aluminum alloy by hot extrusion or rolling is called industrial aluminum profile. If the strip made of steel by rolling is called steel industrial aluminum profile.

The advantages of industrial aluminum profiles frame are as follows:

By using industrial aluminum profiles, various structural forms can be assembled according to different needs, using the principle of block building, simplifying the design, shortening the production cycle, and avoiding a series of disadvantages of complex structure, numerous parts, and large design workload compared with steel structures.

  • Simplify the production process of industrial aluminum profiles

The processing process of industrial aluminum profile frame only requires cutting, drilling and a few bends, with simple processing and convenient assembly, avoiding the multi-process processing of iridium gold structure, and greatly simplifying the production process.

At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of sheet metal with a large number of manual operations, improves production efficiency, and facilitates the use of automated production methods.

  • Reduce the weight of industrial aluminum profile equipment

It is estimated that the weight of electronic instrument chassis is reduced by about 60% by using industrial aluminum profile frame instead of the original black metal sheet structure.

  • Industrial aluminum profiles reduce the number of processes and molds.

It is estimated that a desktop metal leak plate box requires about 40 pairs of molds, while only 20 pairs are needed when using industrial aluminum profile frames.

  • Industrial aluminum profiles can save materials.

  • Industrial aluminum profiles are easy to store and transport.

  • Industrial aluminum profiles are beneficial to standardization, universalization, and serialization.

These are the advantages of industrial aluminum profile frames, which we hope will be helpful to you.

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