Unique Advantages of Aluminium Heatsink Profile

Aluminium heatsink profile is more and more widely used and more and more popular with users. This is mainly due to the unique advantages of aluminum heatsink profile.

The unique advantages of aluminum heatsink profile are as follow:

1. The aluminum heatsink profile is corrosion resistant and has a long service life

The surface of the aluminum alloy material can form a thick and solid oxide film, which can be used for a long time in heating water with pH ≤ 9 or in car water tanks, and the aluminum heatsink profile with special surface treatment can be used in various materials with pH ≤ 12 for medium and long-term use.

2. Aluminium heatsink profile can be used for various surface treatments

Aluminium heatsink profile has a wide variety of designs and colors, and has no solder joints and is highly decorative. It is beautiful and durable, which can meet people's individual requirements.

3. The aluminium heatsink profile has high strength, safe use and high pressure bearing.

Because the specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum alloy are much higher than that of copper, cast iron and steel. Even in the case of a thin thickness, it can withstand sufficient pressure, bending force, tensile force and impact force, and no damage will occur during handling, installation, and use.

4. The aluminium heatsink profile is light in weight

The aluminium heatsink profile is easy to install and transport. With the same heat dissipation, its weight is only one-eleventh of cast iron radiators, one-sixth of steel radiators, and one-third of copper radiators, which can greatly save transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, and save installation time.

5. Simple installation of aluminium heatsink profile

The aluminium heatsink profile is easy to install and easy to maintain. Due to the low density of aluminum alloy that can be processed into parts of various shapes and specifications, the cross-section of this aluminum heatsink profile is large and regular. And the product assembly and surface treatment can be completed in one step, and the construction site can be directly installed, saving a lot of money installation fee. The maintenance is also convenient and the cost is low.

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