Effective Methods to Improve the Production of Aluminium Profile Production

It is critical to have technologically advanced aluminum profile extrusion equipment to produce high-quality aluminum profile products. Furthermore, if you're going to improve the quality of aluminum profile products, you must begin with other factors. The following article will provide a more in-depth understanding of aluminum extrusion press equipment from two perspectives. It will provide additional benefits in the subsequent production of aluminum extrusion presses.

Ⅰ. Understand the basic forming process of aluminum profile production

Generally, people divide the aluminum extrusion machine into three parts: the master cylinder, the extrusion barrel, and the extrusion rod. Its master cylinder is a hydraulic brake system. The gear oil is transmitted to the small piston rod according to the large piston rod to promote the extrusion. After pressing the forming rod, the heated aluminum rod is sent into the extrusion forming cylinder. After reaching the working pressure of the exhaust pipe, the extrusion forming cylinder reverses the exhaust pipe. It then moves forward to connect with the model to achieve the extrusion of the aluminum profile. After pressing the working pressure, the extrusion rod moves forward to send the aluminum in the extrusion cylinder into the mold separation hole, and the aluminum alloy profile is slowly discharged and the mold is formed according to it.

Ⅱ. The importance of aluminum profile molds in the extrusion process

In specific manufacturing, some molds cannot achieve the preset output value during the entire pre-plastic process, and the aluminum extruder aluminum machinery factory encounters more serious problems.

For example, if the pre-moulding is less than 20 rods or the equipment is set to less than two times before cancellation. Therefore, the mold made of expensive mold steel has not yet achieved the expected economic benefits. This is the case in many aluminum alloys. A common phenomenon in profile manufacturing enterprises has led to many property losses and extravagantly wasted power resources during the production of aluminum extrusion presses. The improvement of the pre-plastic processing technology required increased scientific research on the service life of the mold.

As a result, if you want to improve the production quality of aluminum extrusion presses even further, you must start with the mold, and abrasive tools must be used effectively during manufacturing. This is an important level to consider because the actual operating standards of the pre-plastic mold are extremely stringent. As a result, effective methods for ensuring mold layout in pre-plastic manufacturing must be used and effective external nitriding treatment of the mold. As a result, the external strength of the mold is improved further, and the thermal damage caused by mold application is reduced. The effect of aluminium profile quality.

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