The Difference and Advantages of the Front and Back Loading Methods of Aluminum Extruder

The aluminum extruder is a machine that produces aluminum profile molding. Its feeding method is divided into front loading and back loading. So what is the difference between the two, which loading method is more advantageous?

This is the topic we are going to discuss with you today. We believe that no matter which method is good or which is not good, the important thing is that this aluminum extruder should be suitable for the needs of the profile, and it is suitable for extruding good profiles. Only choosing the right one is good.

Ⅰ. The advantages of front loading of aluminum extruder

Front loading means that the ingot loading position is between the extrusion barrel and the front beam of the aluminum extruder, that is, at the front of the extrusion barrel.This feeding method can reduce the stroke of an extrusion barrel of the extrusion shaft, so such an aluminum extruder is also called a short-stroke extruder, which reduces the distance between the front beam and the back beam and reduces the size and weight of the aluminum extruder.

In addition to the shorter stroke of the aluminum extruder with front loading, the neutrality of the ingot is better than that of the aluminum extruder with back loading. The extrusion barrel retreats during the front loading, the ingot feeder sends the ingot between the extrusion barrel and the mold, the extrusion shaft passes through the extrusion barrel to push the ingot on the mold, and then the extrusion barrel moves forward to make the ingot enter the extrusion barrel, at this time the ingot and the extrusion barrel are not in contact.

Ⅱ. The advantages of back loading of aluminum extruder

Move the extrusion barrel forward and approach the front beam when loading materials, and then the extrusion shaft pushes the ingot into the extrusion barrel. After entering the extrusion barrel, the ingot will drop due to gravity and it would in full contact with the extrusion barrel which under it, and the upper gap becomes larger, so its neutrality is worse than that of the back loading of aluminum extruder.

In summary, if high-precision pipes need to be extruded, then the aluminum extruder has an advantage to use front loading.

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