What Are the Reasons for the Deformation of Aluminium Extruded Profiles?

The requirements for aluminum extruded profiles to be extruded by the extruder are relatively high, but there are still some unforeseen problems in actual production. For example, the aluminum bar of the extruder can't press things straight, and the product thickness changes too fast during the process of extruding the aluminum profile. What are the reasons for these today? We will introduce them to you.

Ⅰ. Why can't the machine press the aluminium extruded section straight

Cause Analysis:

1. The fixed diameter sleeve, cooler, and traction are not on the same straight line. Correcting the center position can adjust it.

2. Uneven cooling: improve the cooling environment.

3. Adjust the extrusion speed.

Ⅱ. Aluminium extruded section machine with the noisy oil pump and high oil temperature

Is the sound of the vane pump loud? Maybe that's because the filter is too dirty or broken. The high oil temperature may be caused by the cooling system or valve leakage, which mainly appears in the compliance valve. Touch the valve surface with your hand to see if it is hot.

Ⅲ. Why does the product thickness change so fast during the aluminum extruded profiles?

The exit temperature control of the aluminum extruded profiles is not accurate. Because the pressure and temperature changes of the aluminum rod during the extrusion process are very complicated, too large a change will cause the plastic properties of the aluminum to change during extrusion, and the thickness of the profile after cooling will change. Generally speaking, the temperature change during the extrusion process causes the softness and hardness of the aluminum alloy to change at high temperatures.

Otalum was founded in 1984. After 36 years of development, Otalum has become a professional aluminum extruder manufacturer for building systems and industrial applications.

Our factory is well-equipped with 40 extrusion production lines with a 500-5500 tons production capacity. Otalum has a total annual output of 15,000 tons and produces a wide range of aluminum extrusion products, including door and window systems, curtain walls, performance shutters, heat sinks, solar panel frames, etc., and can provide customized services. Our engineers can help you design your extrusion structure and produce your system.

Aluminum surface treatment is another important part of the aluminum extrusion industry. Fortunately, we have almost all of them. Three anodizing lines, three vertical powder spraying lines, and six horizontal lines, 1 PVDF painting line, and one wood grain workshop, so that we are confident to provide you with the surface treatment you need with perfect quality.

As one of leading aluminium extrusion manufacturers, Otalum provides a wide range of manufacturing, including precise length cutting, drilling, stamping, deburring, and CNC machining. The use of advanced equipment guarantees the quality of various manufacturing projects. Products are now exported to South America, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and other major markets, forming a global sales network with the domestic market. We offer the following products:

Aluminum solar panel

Wood grain powder coating aluminium

Heatsink extrusion profiles

Industrial aluminum profile

Large aluminum extrusion profiles

If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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