Why Is Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Frame Highly Preferred?

Industrial aluminium profiles are widely used and can be customized for various frame structures according to needs, including workbenches, conveyance line brackets, assembly line frames, equipment protective covers, fence partitions, ladders, shelves, chassis cabinets, hand trucks, etc. They are mainly used in automation industry, robotics industry, machinery equipment industry, university laboratories, logistics warehousing, automobile manufacturing, etc., and are loved and welcomed by customers. So, do you know why industrial aluminium extrusion can be applied to so many industries?

The reason why industrial aluminium profiles are so popular is mainly related to their advantages, which many materials cannot compare. As a key material for modern economy and high-tech development, its advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Strong versatility, environmental protection, fast assembly and disassembly, short construction period and long service life

The aluminium extrusion profile manufacturer can cut, process, and assemble industrial aluminum according to different customer needs. Adopting a modular installation method, assembly and disassembly are convenient, and the surface is treated with anodizing to prevent corrosion. They can still look new after 20 years of use.

Various types and complete specifications, suitable for various mechanical equipment

There are thousands of specifications of industrial aluminium profiles and various types of aluminum profiles, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of different frames. Moreover, industrial aluminium profiles adopt many different connection methods, which can be customized for different types of frame structures.

No welding is required for industrial aluminium profiles

It is convenient to adjust the size, which is beneficial for the later transformation of the aluminium profile factory. Industrial aluminium profiles are connected by accessories. If the frame structure needs to be adjusted during the later factory transformation, it can be disassembled and installed at any time, without being affected by the environment.

The strict dimensional tolerances and high surface finish requirements of industrial aluminium profiles

The reason why industrial aluminium profiles can be used for mechanical equipment is mainly due to their linearity. In the processing process, CNC equipment is used with high precision and small errors, which is convenient for installing various frame structures.

Convenient and fast assembly of industrial aluminium extrusion, high productivity

Installation of industrial aluminium profiles is not limited by time, location or temperature. Multiple sets of frame structures can be assembled in one day, making them available for production on the same day, improving work efficiency.

The surface of industrial aluminium profiles is treated with anodizing, anti-corrosion, free of paint spraying, elegant and generous, and can improve the added value of products

After the surface of industrial aluminium profiles is treated with anodizing maintenance, an oxide film is formed to prevent corrosion and static electricity. The surface sample can be customized according to needs, such as anti-steel, champagne, etc., which is elegant and generous and can improve the added value of products.

After reading the above content, I believe you should have an answer to why industrial aluminium extrusion frames produced by custom aluminium extrusion suppliers are favoured and widely used in various industries! I hope the above content can be helpful to you! Learn more about custom extruded aluminium profiles, aluminum surface finish, extruded aluminum heatsink, etc.

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