What is the Price of Aluminum Extruder Production Line?

What is the price of a set of aluminum extruder production line? It is not a hasty thing to choose a suitable set of aluminum extruder equipment. It needs to integrate various factors to lay a good foundation for the design of the relevant plan. The price of the aluminum extruder production line is naturally related to the equipment plan design and process plan design.

Ⅰ. How to choose a right aluminum extruder manufacturer

Presumably, many people who need to go to the production line of aluminum extruders are feeling distressed because they can't find a suitable aluminium extrusion manufacturer. Either you think that the quality of the equipment cannot keep up, or it is because of the high price of aluminum extrusion equipment, or because the delivery is not timely, or because the level of after-sales service is not satisfactory.

In other words, while considering the price of the production line of aluminum extruder, customers need to investigate the strength, service, and R&D capabilities of the equipment manufacturers.

Ⅱ. The parameters of the aluminum extruder are very important

There are many customers who look for our aluminum extruder equipment, whether it is a consultation on the website or a telephone consultation, and they want to expand the scale of a new aluminum extruder production line. If you want to know the price of the extrusion equipment, we will not say that we will sacrifice the quality of the equipment in exchange for customer satisfaction with the price of the equipment in order to win the order, nor will we say that we only want to make more money from the customer and recommend that it exceeds customer needs and does not match the production output.

In line with respect for the aluminum extruder equipment industry and a responsible attitude to customers, when customers ask about the price of aluminium extruder equipment, we will learn more parameters in time, such as the size of the workpiece, plant area, daily output, automation degree and other relevant data.

Sometimes for equipment manufacturers, irresponsible quotations may mean saving time and effort, and may mean increasing the number of orders, but it also means that they will betray the trust of customers, violate professional principles, deviate from industry ethics, and affect the establishment of corporate reputation and image.

We give every customer the aluminium profile production experience that is as reasonable as possible for the price of aluminium extruder equipment!

Otalum was founded in 1984, after 36 years of development, Otalum has become a professional custom aluminum extrusion suppliers for building systems and industrial applications.

Our aluminium profile factory is well-equipped with 40 extrusion production lines with a production capacity of 500-5500 tons. Otalum has a total annual output of 15,000 tons and produces a wide range of aluminum extrusion products, including door and window systems, curtain walls, performance shutters, heat sinks, solar panel frames, and can provide customized services. Our engineers can help you design your own extrusion structure and produce your own system. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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