How to Solve Defects in Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Electrophoretic Coatings?

Surface treatment is an important way to improve the performance and added value of industrial aluminum profiles. Of course, there are various surface treatment technologies for industrial aluminum profiles, which are not fixed.

Generally speaking, people prefer to use electrophoretic coatings. What is electrophoretic coating? It simulates the adsorption and anodic oxidation effects of an electrically conductive substrate, and then adheres the coating to the surface of the industrial aluminum profile, effectively playing a protective and decorative role. However, in the actual processing process, we still find that electrophoretic coating has some defects, but these defects are relatively easy to deal with. Let's introduce how to solve the electrophoretic coating defects of industrial aluminum profiles.

Paint defects in industrial aluminum profiles

Especially in a certain place or a certain foundation, the color deviation or thickness difference of the paint is particularly obvious, mainly caused by long-term stagnation in a certain place during painting. This can be solved by increasing the washing time after electrophoresis and controlling the average speed of coating.

Low gloss of industrial aluminum profiles

The surface of industrial aluminum profiles lacks gloss due to too thin protective layer or poor washing. The solution is to appropriately increase the baking and washing time of industrial aluminum profiles when aluminum profile manufacturing.

Cracks in industrial aluminum profiles

If there are small cracks like orange peel on the surface of industrial aluminum extrusion coatings, it is likely to be caused by too high washing and baking temperature, resulting in too dry coatings. Therefore, temperature should be controlled and long-term baking should be avoided.

Surface particles of industrial aluminum profiles

If there are raised particles on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles, it is necessary to check whether there are impurities in the spraying equipment and clean them up in time.

Uneven paint film of industrial aluminum extrusion

Once the thickness of the paint film is uneven, paint film shedding will occur sooner or later, and the fluctuation frequency of the solid content should be appropriately reduced and the circulation rate should be accelerated.

The above mentioned 5 points are the problems and defects that industrial aluminum profiles are prone to during electrophoretic coating, as well as some effective methods and ways to improve them. Hope it can be helpful to you!

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