What Are the Common Holes on the Surface of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

Surface often requires punching processing in order to connect the frame. There are many types of holes, and different holes have different functions. So what are the common types of holes on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles? What are the functions of these holes?

Through holes of industrial aluminum profiles

Through holes are one of the commonly used installation holes. The main purpose is to facilitate the allen wrench to reach in to tighten the bolts. There are two types of through holes: positioning holes and screw holes.

Countersunk holes of industrial aluminum profiles

Countersunk holes also belong to installation holes. Their main purpose is to install cylinder head allen bolts, so that the bolts do not protrude on the surface of the industrial aluminum profile, affecting the aesthetics.

Threaded holes of industrial aluminum profiles

Threaded holes are generally used to install decorative accessories, such as hinges, handles, etc. Drilling threaded holes on the surface ofindustrial aluminum profiles facilitates the tightening of bolts.

Blind holes of industrial aluminum profiles

Blind holes are generally not through holes, mainly used to install door catches, so they can also be called door catch holes.

Cross holes of industrial aluminum profiles

Cross holes can also be called anchorage holes or built-in holes, mainly used for holes used for cross connections of industrial aluminum profiles. When industrial aluminum profiles use anchorage connector pins or built-in connectors for cross connections, these two holes come in handy.

Other holes in industrial aluminum profiles

Other holes include waist holes, pin holes, etc., which are processed according to customer needs and generally used less.

Finally, it should be noted that these holes cannot be processed at will. Before processing each type of hole, a processing drawing must be drawn, and then technicians can process the hole according to the drawing. Generally, CNC processing equipment or numerical control processing equipment can complete hole processing operations.

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