What Will Determine the Quality of Aluminum Extruder Configuration?

A major factor affecting the price of aluminum extruder is configuration, and the configuration of aluminum extruder is determined by the main cylinder, which is divided into forging and casting types. What is the technology like?

1. Main cylinder forging of the aluminum extruder

It is a processing method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to cause plastic deformation to obtain a forging with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size. Forging and pressing both belong to plastic processing, collectively referred to as forging.

Forging of aluminum extruder is a commonly used forming method in machinery manufacturing. Through forging, the as-cast porosity and welding holes of the metal can be eliminated, and the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings of the same material. For important parts in machinery with high load and severe working conditions, forgings are mostly used in addition to rolling plates, profiles or welded parts with simple shapes.

2. Main cylinder casting of the aluminum extruder

It is a metal liquid forming technology, that is, the molten liquid alloy is injected into a pre-prepared mold to cool and solidify to form a casting. The main cylinder casting of the aluminum extruder can be subdivided into sand casting, pressure casting, investment casting, shell casting, lost foam casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, etc.

Generally speaking, forged materials can obtain better mechanical properties than those of casting, so forgings are mainly used for parts with high mechanical properties and important uses, but the shape of forgings is relatively simple. For parts with complex shapes, the forging technology of aluminum extruder require many auxiliary materials and a high cost.

Under the same mechanical conditions, pressure and temperature conditions, the forgings and castings of the aluminum extruder require much smaller volume and weight. The key is that the performance of the forgings is better. If you think that the price of the aluminum extruder is high, the main reason is the high forging configuration used in the main cylinder, which is worth the money.

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