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Aluminium Window Profiles

Aluminium window extrusions and doors are the most common products in architectural aluminium extrusions. In order to meet the special requirements of different customers, Otalum has developed a wide range of window and door systems, including aluminium sliding windows, aluminum casement windows, aluminium tilt and turn windows, top hung sliding aluminium windows, aluminium casement doors, etc. At here, you can easily save your time and money for cutting new dies.

If the existing products are not suitable for your special purpose, our experienced engineers can help you to design your own custom aluminium extrusions and realize it. 

Aluminum extrusions from our architectural systems are available in a variety of finishes which contain mill finish, clear anodized aluminum including 2-step electrolytic anodizing, powder coating, PVDF painting and wood-gram finish. As a mature aluminium extrusions manufacturer, Otalum also offers aluminium extrusion fabrication services on eligible inquiries.

Features of Aluminium Window Profiles

AlloyStandardSurface TreatmentFurther ProcessCertificate
6005 T5/T6, 6060 T5/T6, 6061 T4/T6, 6063 T5/T6, 6463 T5/T6, 6082 T5/T6, etc.GB 5237-2008, JISH, AAMA, GB, BS, EnMill finish, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Wooden grain, Electrophoresis, PVDF Painting, Sanding blasting, Polishing, etc.Drilling, Bending, Welding, Precise cutting, Punching, Fabrication of finished products, etc. CE, DNV, TUV, ISO9001

Specifications of Aluminium Casement Window & Door

System Reference Description
38 Serie Aluminium Casement Window 38mm Depth Frame Download
46 Serie Aluminium Casement Door 46mm Depth Frame Download
51 Serie Aluminium Casement Window 50mm Depth Frame Download
75 Serie Aluminium Casement Door 75mm Depth Frame Download
A70 Serie Aluminium Casement Door 70mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP50 Serie Aluminium Casement Window 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP50AG Aluminium Casement Window 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP55H Aluminium Casement Window 55mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP60A Aluminium Casement Window 60mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP65A Aluminium Casement Window 65mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP150 Aluminium Casement Window 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP270 Aluminium Casement Window 70mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP450 Aluminium Casement Window 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYP460 Aluminium Casement Window 60mm Depth Frame Download
ZYPM150 Aluminium Casement Door 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYQ50 Aluminium Casement Window and Door 50mm Depth Frame Download
ZYZDM155 Aluminium Folding Door 57.5mm Depth Frame Download

Specifications of Aluminium Sliding Window & Door

System Reference Description
788 Aluminium Silding Window 75mm Depth Frame Download
ZY-185 Aluminium Sliding Window 85mm Depth Frame Download
ZYT80W Aluminium Sliding Window 80mm Depth Frame Download
ZYT90E Aluminium Sliding Window 90mm Depth Frame Download
ZYT90J Aluminium Sliding Window 87mm Depth Frame Download
ZYT990 Aluminium Sliding Window and Door 90mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM90H Aluminium Sliding Door 85mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM90J Aluminium Sliding Door 87mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM95B Aluminium Sliding Door 95mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM104 Aluminium Sliding Door 99mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM105 Aluminium Sliding Door 103.4mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM190 Aluminium Sliding Door 90mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTM285 Aluminium Sliding Door 85.8mm Depth Frame Download
ZYTS83 Aluminium Sliding Window 83mm Depth Frame Download
ZYZ87 Aluminium Sliding Window 82.2mm Depth Frame Download

Why Choose Aluminium Windows Profiles

Aluminum window frames are cost-effective, sturdy and durable, while at the same time having functionality and versatility as well as a stylish modern style.

Aluminum window profiles provide highly durable and cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial buildings. They require almost no maintenance, can be used for life, will not rust, and even have a high corrosion resistance limit.

Aluminum window profiles can be provided in standard sizes, and can also be manufactured in customized sizes and styles to meet your specific requirements.

It is also nice to know that your aluminum alloy window frame can be equipped with various types of functional glass. This includes safety protective glass, aesthetic glass, soundproof glass, fireproof glass and bulletproof glass. They can also be double-glazed to provide higher energy efficiency, better acoustics and many other benefits, bringing comfort and security to your house.

The Production Process of Aluminum Window Profile

1. Ingot casting

The process contains the ingredients, melting, casting, homogenization. This is the main process of certain chemical composition and size of the ingot.

2. Extrusion

Extrusion includes an automatic production line composed of ingot heating, extrusion, cooling, straightening, cutting and other processes.

The ingot heating temperature is controlled at 400℃~520℃, too high or too low will directly affect the extrusion.

3. Heat treatment

Through different systems for quenching and aging treatment to obtain the mechanical properties of the profile. Aluminum profile aluminum windows provide materials in RCS state, that is, high temperature heat treatment and rapid cooling are performed after molding and artificial aging.

4. Surface treatment

The most common steps are anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coatings and fluorocarbon coatings so that the surface can have different colors and good appearance. Surface treatment can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the profile and prolong the service life of the aluminum window profile.

When ordering, pls specify alloy, temper, length, quantity, surface finish, end-use and any special instructions regarding tolerance, delivery, packing and certification. It couldn’t be better if you can share with us your designed drawings. If you have any questions, pls contact us without hesitation. Thanks.
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