Custom Aluminium Extrusions

On the basis of years of experience in designing and producing our own aluminium products, Otalum has the expertise and extensive knowledge of aluminium systems required to provide custom aluminium profiles for our customers. From design to delivery, our experienced staff can guide you through the process of producing your own customized aluminium extrusion products.

What are Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

Custom extruded aluminium is a manufacturing process where aluminium is forced at high pressure through a die that has been designed to create the desired cross-section.

There are two major advantages of producing custom aluminium extrusions; while one is regarding the ability to create complex cross-sections, the other is related to the ability to economically create profiles that are meters in length.

Otalum has been producing custom aluminium extrusions for many years. As one of the professional custom aluminum extrusions suppliers in China, Otalum strives to deliver high precision, complex profiles to customers from a wide range of industries. At Otalum, close tolerances are possible and a number of finishes and fabrications are available.

The Benefits of Custom Aluminium Extrusion

  • Highly suitable to receive a wide range of finishes - paint, anodizing;

  • Can easily be fabricated - cutting, drilling, punching, machining, bending, and other conventional fabrication methods;

  • Can be joined to other aluminium products or to different materials by welding, soldering, brazing, bolts, rivets, clips, adhesives, clinching, slide-on, snap-together, interlocking joints

  • Can be designed for easy and reduced assembly

  • Can be designed and produced as complex and integral shapes

  • Can be designed and produced to close tolerances

  • Aluminum extrusions can be recycled and re-melted back into aluminum

Why Choose Otalum for Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

With a wide range of fabrication processes and finish options, Otalum has the flexibility, capability and expertise to complete your aluminium extrusion project.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures quality throughout the process. Trust Otalum to deliver your products on time and to specification.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions
Custom Aluminum Extrusions Services
Custom Aluminum Extrusions Service
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