Application of Custom Aluminium Profiles in Different Fields and Industries

With the popularity of the aluminum profile industry and the maturity of processing technology, aluminum alloy products have been used in all walks of life. Aluminum alloy has low density, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and custom aluminium profiles have good corrosion resistance and will not rust. And customized aluminum profiles have good ductility and can be processed into various shapes. So it is very easy to use for processing. Especially the current mobile phone backplanes are mostly made of custom aluminium profiles.

1. Application of custom aluminium profiles

There are mainly the following industries that are used directly and indirectly to customize aluminum profiles: electrical circuit industry has motor rotors, circuit radiators, etc. As the industry that uses the most aluminum, the construction industry is mainly used in curtain wall glass and ordinary aluminum doors and windows. The consumer electronics industry has a variety of power supplies, mobile phone backplanes, mobile phone frames; and high-end electronic products all use custom aluminium profiles as exterior materials. Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, guide rails; modular linear guides; various structural parts. In the decoration and decoration industry, there are decorative strip accessories, aluminum handles and so on.

2. Process requirements for custom aluminium profiles

The first is the aluminum rod. The quality of the aluminum rod is an important and most critical point. If the quality of the aluminum rods fails to meet the requirements, then there is no way to talk about the custom aluminium profiles. The second is heating. In the production and extrusion process of customized aluminum profiles, the simplest heating often plays a more important role. Because the heating method directly determines whether the high-quality aluminum rod can perform as expected. Finally, the mold: the mold directly determines the size of the customized aluminum profile. If the mold is not done well, it will directly affect the functional requirements. There is no way to talk about the quality of customized aluminum profiles.

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