Tips for Choosing Industrial Aluminum Alloy Profile Accessories

As you may know, industrial aluminum profiles have the characteristics of modularity and lightweight assembly. During the installation process, aluminum profile accessories are essential. However, new users who have just come into contact with aluminum profile frames may struggle with choosing the right accessories. How to choose accessories? What is the installation method? Can it meet the actual usage requirements? These are the three questions that we often get asked. Let's take a look at the tips for choosing industrial aluminum extrusion accessories.

The installation and use of accessories have a relatively high proportion in the procurement of aluminum alloy frames and have a crucial impact on the use and safety of the frame structure. Therefore, choosing higher-quality accessories is not wrong. If the quality is too poor, it is easy to break or loosen in later use, affecting the stability and safety of the frame structure. So how do we choose? We can refer to the following points!

Choose accessory types based on the connection method of industrial aluminum profiles

The frame structure generally uses a right-angle connection of 2 or 3 profiles, and a plate is required to be installed, which can use an angle bracket. The plate to be installed can be connected using built-in bolts and nuts.

Choose accessory specifications based on the size of the industrial aluminum extrusion used

Different aluminum alloy profiles have corresponding connection sizes. Since the slot width and wall thickness of industrial aluminum profiles affect the installation of later accessories, T-bolts need to be used in conjunction with flange nuts, which are good helpers for angle bracket installation.

When in use, different lengths of T-bolts should be selected according to the slot width and installation requirements of industrial aluminum profiles. M6 bolts should be used for 30 series, and M8 bolts should be used for 40 series. Choosing the wrong size may result in looseness or tightness, which will affect the installation.

Choose the material of the accessory connection based on the connection strength of industrial aluminum profiles

Carbon steel, die-cast aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy are commonly used materials for accessory connections. Aluminum alloy or die-cast aluminum alloy is generally chosen for angle brackets. Bolts and nuts are generally nickel-plated or stainless steel.

Select the category of decorative accessories based on the installation requirements of industrial aluminum profiles

For aesthetic and practical reasons, end caps can be selected, and flat sealing strips can be used to close and cover the end faces and slots of the profiles, which can play a role in aesthetics and dust prevention. Installing mobile foot wheels at the bottom of the frame can provide support and movement. It can isolate from the ground and reduce friction with the ground.

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