What Considerations should be Taken When Processing Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

When it comes to processing industrial aluminum profiles in the industrial processing industry, we all know that the processing of industrial aluminum products is crucial. So, what aspects should we pay attention to when processing industrial aluminum profiles?

Firstly, it is important to note that industrial aluminum profiles are relatively soft materials that can easily produce top damage, pressure damage, scratches, and deformation during stamping production. In addition to meeting the requirements of the mold, the following points should also be considered in stamping production:

1. To reduce defective products in aluminum stamping, it is necessary to conduct 5S management, especially in cleaning, including molds, stamping equipment, assembly lines, and packaging materials, ensuring that there are no sharp debris or dirt. Regular maintenance is required. The requirements for molds are relatively strict in this regard.

2. The burrs on industrial aluminum profiles should be sent to the mold for maintenance and tracking in a timely manner until the problem is resolved.

3. Aluminum parts of industrial aluminum profiles are easily heated and hardened, so when punching and shearing, a certain amount of pressure must be applied to the material before pressing to achieve heat dissipation and exhaust, facilitating smooth processing.

4. For products with many perforations in industrial aluminum profiles, it is necessary to clean the mold surface in a timely manner, maintaining the cleanliness of the mold and product and reducing top damage and scratches. When top damage is found, the mold top damage problem must be identified and resolved so that production can continue.

5. Aluminum chips are produced during the molding of industrial aluminum profiles, so the aluminum chips under the stack must be cleaned daily to prevent product deterioration after production.

These are the relevant matters that should be noted when processing industrial aluminum profiles, and hope they can be helpful to you!

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