The Aging Furnace Temperature of Different Types of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

We all know that, in addition to extrusion machines, aluminium extrusion manufacturers also have to use the aging furnace. This machine is mainly designed to increase the hardness of aluminium profiles. Different profiles require different hardness levels. The furnace temperature control should reach how much to play the effect of aging? And how to choose the aluminium extruder manufacturer?

Ⅰ. The aging temperature of different profiles produced by aluminium profile aging furnace

1. Ordinary curtain wall profiles, ordinary door and window profiles, industrial profiles, must be aged in the same aging furnace. The furnace temperature control is in the range of 195 ± 5 ℃. After reaching the temperature, it needs to stay warm for 3 hours and then be out of the furnace after reaching the temperature. Immediately after the furnace fan blowing for 20 minutes to cool it, the quality inspector will check the hardness level.

2. Heat-insulating curtain wall profile and heat-insulating door and window profile must be aged in the same aging furnace, the temperature inside the furnace is controlled within 180±3℃. The heat preservation is discharged after reaching the temperature for 3 hours, and the manufacturers of the standard aluminium profile turns on the fan for 20 minutes to cool it immediately after discharging. The hardness is inspected by the quality inspector.

3. If the number of aging heat insulation profiles is not enough for the furnace, 1~2 frames of common profiles (wall thickness is below 2.0mm) can be put into the same furnace for aging, and the aging process is executed according to the process of the heat insulation profile.

4. When lifting material into the furnace, the end of the aluminium extruded profile and the air guide are controlled within 80~100mm.

5. When the temperature inside the furnace reaches the temperature required by the process, the aging worker will measure the actual radiator and aluminium alloy profile temperature inside the furnace with a glass tube pyrometer every 30 minutes and make original records.

Ⅱ. The choice of aluminium profile manufacturer--Oriental Turdo Ironwares

1. High precision, stable and reliable quality of aluminium profiles

With the improvement of extrusion process of aluminium extrusion machine, it is now able to produce high-precision aluminium alloy profiles with wall thickness of (0.3~0.4)±0.10 mm and surface roughness of Ra0.8~1.8μm, which is far beyond the reach of other processing equipment. The use of aluminium extrusion machines not only greatly reduces the total workload and simplifies the back-step process, but also improves the comprehensive utilization rate of metal materials and the finished product rate. The aluminium profiles produced are of high quality.

2. Fast delivery and short production cycle of aluminium profiles

(1) Accept single purchase and wholesale. Aluminum extrusion machine equipment can be sold as individual equipment and professionally customized production.

(2) We have a professional logistics and transportation team. Regular products are shipped on the same day, and customized products are shipped within 60 days.

(3) We have long-term cooperation with many logistics companies, so have professional packaging and rapid delivery.

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