What Are the Principles for Supplier Selection of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

The industrial aluminum profile is formed by high-temperature solid solution hot extrusion, and the cross-sectional shape is directly formed by the extrusion die, and the production process is relatively simple. Aluminum profiles can be sawed, drilled and milled, pipe bent and welded, and aluminum profiles of various shapes can be assembled with each other. And can be produced with different grades according to different load-bearing and mechanical strength requirements.

Ⅰ. Application characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles

Industrial aluminum (alloy) profiles are widely used and have strong versatility. It is light, good in heat dissipation, high in productivity and environmentally friendly, and has gradually become the first choice for industrial materials. The surface of aluminium industrial profiles can be processed in various styles, such as (natural color, black, sandblasting, wire drawing, etc.) oxidation, and can also be painted, sprayed, polished and chrome-plated, which is beautiful and can increase the added value of the product. And all can pass the SGS environmental protection test.

Ⅱ. Three principles for selecting industrial aluminum profile suppliers:

1. Do not choose very cheap

Aluminum profile cost = spot price of aluminum ingot + processing fee of extruded aluminum profile + packaging material + freight. 

Industrial aluminum profile prices are very transparent. The cost of industrial aluminum profiles is similar, which is obviously lower than the market price. The first possibility: the thin oxide film is often not valued by consumers, but it can indeed be much cheaper, but it takes a long time for aluminum If the anti-oxidation performance of the profile surface is not up to standard, corrosion will occur, which will bring consequences to equipment and engineering.

2. Aluminum ingots use recycled materials

The raw materials are generally cast from electrolytic aluminum water with some alloying elements added. The aluminum rod cast after melting the recycled material inevitably contains some impurities, and the quality of the product extruded from the raw material is inferior, so its price will definitely be cheaper.

3. Choose a production-oriented aluminum profile supplier

Production-oriented industrial aluminium profile suppliers are generally engaged in this industry for more than 10 years. They are also users themselves. They have rich practical experience and have a good understanding and mastery of product quality and performance. And they will recommend the most convenient and practical accessories for the cost-effective products that meet the needs of customers.

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