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T Slot Aluminium Profile

T-slot aluminium profile is a kind of structural aluminium extrusion used for a wide variety of framing applications due to its significant versatility. As an important category in Otalum's industrial aluminum extrusion profile series,  Otalum's aluminium T-slot track is very easy to be assembled with standard tools and fasteners and requires no welding. What's more, our aluminium T slot channel can be used to construct any imaginable project.


With years of development, Otalum has developed a wide range of slotted aluminium extrusion products so as to greatly satisfy the diverse applications of our customers. Customization services are also available at Otalum. Our experienced engineers can help you to design your own aluminium T slot channel framing system and realize it.


Our extruded aluminum T-slot channels/tracks are available in a variety of finishes, including mill finish, clear anodized aluminum including 2-step electrolytic anodizing, powder coating, PVDF painting and wood gram finish. We also offer aluminium extrusion fabrication services on eligible inquiries.

Features of T Slot Aluminum Profile

AlloyStandardSurface TreatmentFurther ProcessCertificate
6005 T5/T6, 6060 T5/T6, 6061 T4/T6, 6063 T5/T6, 6463 T5/T6, 6082 T5/T6, etc.GB 5237-2008, JISH, AAMA, GB, BS, EnMill finish, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Wooden grain, Electrophoresis, PVDF Painting, Sanding blasting, Polishing, etc.Drilling, Bending, Welding, Precise cutting, Punching, Fabrication of finished products, etc. CE, DNV, TUV, ISO9001

Packing and Delivery of T Slot Aluminum Profile

Packing of T Slot Aluminum Profile: 

While a protective film will be stuck on the T-channel aluminum's visible surface,  a heat shrink film o craft paper will be used to cover the outside. Customized packing of T Slot Aluminum Profile is also available.

Delivery of T Slot Aluminum Profile:

1. Die development of T Slot Aluminum Profile: 15-25 days after payment is received and drawings are confirmed.

2. Production time of T Slot Aluminum Profile: 25-30days after the deposit is received and samples are confirmed.

The T-slot Aluminum Profile Advantage


Aluminum is one of the lightest metals used for modern engineering purposes, and its molecular density is one-third that of steel. As a result, its strength-to-weight ratio is actually better than steel. Contrary to what you might think, extruded aluminum profile is strong enough to cope with most structural design and assembly applications.


If aluminum is strong enough to be used in trucks, military jets, and commercial airliners, then rest assured that aluminum is also strong enough for everyday trivial purposes. A key aspect of this durability is its anti-rust properties. Rust is steel, and rot is wood. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust for all purposes and uses.


Finally, one of the most important advantages of using T-slot aluminum profiles and accessories is that, unlike permanently welded steel, the system adopts a modular design, that is, easy to change. You can use suitable fasteners, connectors and required accessories to connect, position and fix the aluminum profiles together according to your needs.

When ordering, pls specify alloy, temper, length, quantity, surface finish, end-use and any special instructions regarding tolerance, delivery, packing and certification. It couldn’t be better if you can share with us your designed drawings. If you have any questions, pls contact us without hesitation. Thanks.
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