Solutions for the Cracks in Extruder Extrusion Aluminum Extrusion

The production of aluminium profiles needs to use extruder equipment, but there may be some problems in the product quality. In the production of aluminium profiles, general industrial aluminium profile manufacturers will encounter the phenomenon of cracks. The cracks in the aluminum extrusion profile surface will affect the use of the effect and aesthetics, so the machine can only be scrapped, which undoubtedly increases the production costs of manufacturers.

In order to avoid this problem, we also have countermeasures to do some investigation, and give some solutions in this article, hoping to be responsible for our customers and the products' quality. Today, we will analyze the causes of cracking.

Ⅰ. Standard aluminum extrusion workshop

1. Aluminum bars extrude the standard aluminium profile through the extruder die, the head end is pressed too fast, and the tail end runs fast, making the aluminum bars run into the dead zone, thus leading to cracks.

2. The extrusion ratio is too large, the extrusion temperature is too high, and the extrusion speed is too fast, all of which are likely to cause cracks in the extrusion of industrial aluminium profiles.

3. Uneven pressure, or too fast speed conversion when changing gears.

4. The extrusion die design is unreasonable, and the metal flow rate of the die hole is uneven.

Ⅱ. Solutions for cracks arising from standard aluminium profiles

1. Slow down the extrusion speed of the head and tail end of the aluminium profile. The front end and tail end of the aluminium profile stop mark is a dead zone or the surface layer of the aluminum bar has many aluminum impurities and poor quality.

2. Adopt a reasonable extrusion ratio, die temperature, extrusion cylinder temperature and aluminum bar temperature should be strictly controlled according to the production requirements. Adopt appropriate extrusion speed.

3. Improve the sense of responsibility of the extrusion machine workers so that they can have the extrusion machine speed regulation smooth, the pressure uniform and they will operate manually when changing gears.

4. In designing the die, technical workers need to take into account the metal flow rate and design is reasonable.

As long as the above points can be achieved later on, the extrusion cracks of standard aluminium profiles can be greatly reduced, thus improving the production efficiency.

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