Aluminum Wood Grain Finish

Woodgrain finish starts with aluminum powder coating and laminates a wood film in the surface of aluminium extrusion to provide a wood-look appearance. In Otalum, we have a variety of wood-look finish and can base the color swatches you provide to match the finish you need. Besides, with the help of new generation woodgrain film and specialized powder, we can produce woodgrain finish extrusions used in the outdoor areas with a 10-year warranty. 

Aluminium Woodgrain Finish

Woodgrain Finish Process

Woodgrain finish process is a heat transfer system, based on the physical reaction that makes the inks, from a solid stage, become gas and again a solid. At the precise temperature and pressure, the pigment inks transfer from the paper support and move into the synthetic layer of powder coating, fixing the original color and position into it.


The Process Of Aluminum Wood Grain Finish Includes:

  • A powder coat base that is applied to our aluminum substrate and heated precisely under controlled conditions.

  • Upon cooling, the woodgrain ink is applied using a plastic envelope of heat transfer inks, smoothed and vacuumed to remove any trapped air.

  • Regulated warming of the transfer elements, facilitates an ideal finish bond for exterior applications.

  • Finally, the plastic envelops of patterned ink vaporizes, leaving behind a stable woodgrain finish pattern that is unified with the powder coat base.

Aluminium Woodgrain Finish in Surface FinishingAluminum Woodgrain Finish in Surface Finishing

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