Common Faults and Solutions in the Work of Aluminum Extruder

Aluminum extruder is now widely used in the market. This aluminum extruder can be used in many industries, such as photovoltaic industry, aluminum alloy doors and windows, new energy automobile aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, seamless aluminum tubes, etc. As long as it is related to aluminum, it is available to use this machine. However, in the work of aluminum extruder, there are more or less some operational faults. What are the common faults and solutions in the work of aluminum extruders?

1. Aluminum extruder's main motor has too high bearing temperature

1) Causes

A. Poor bearing lubrication.

B. Bearing wear is serious.

2) Solutions

A. Check and add lubricant. Check the motor bearings, replace them if necessary.

2. Aluminum extruder's head pressure is instable

1) Causes

A. The main motor speed is not uniform.

B. The feeding motor speed is not uniform, and the feeding volume fluctuations.

2) Solutions

A. Check the main motor control system and bearings.

B. Check the feeding system motor and control system.

3. Aluminum extruder's lubricating oil pressure is low

1) Cause

A. Lube oil system regulator's pressure setting value is too low.

B. Oil pump failure or oil suction pipe blockage.

2) Solutions

A. Check and adjust the aluminum extruder lube oil system pressure regulator valve.

B. Check the oil pump and oil suction pipe of the aluminium extruded products.

4. Aluminum extruder automatic network change device is slow or not work

1) Causes

A. Air pressure or oil pressure is low.

B. Leakage of air (or oil leakage) in cylinder (or hydraulic station) .

2) Solutions

(1) Check the power system of the net changing device.

(2) Check the sealing of the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

5. Aluminum extruder safety pin or safety key is cut off

1) Causes

A. Extrusion system torque is too large.

B. The main motor and input bearing connection does not have the same center.

2) Solutions

A. Check whether the aluminum extruder extrusion system has metal and other objects into the jammed screw. At the beginning of this case, check whether the preheating temperature rise time or temperature rise value meets the requirements.

B. Adjust the main motor.

6. Aluminum extruder's extrusion volume suddenly fell

1) Causes

A. Feeding system failure or no material in the hopper.

B. Extrusion system into hard objects stuck screws, so that the material can not pass.

2) Solutions

A. Check the feeding system or hopper material level.

B. Check and clean the extrusion system.

7. Aluminum extruder host current instability

1) Causes

A. Uneven feeding.

B. Main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication.

C. A section of the heater malfunctions and does not heat.

D. Screw adjustment pad is not correct, or phase is not correct and has component interference.

2) Solutions

A. Check the feeder to clear troubles.

B. Overhaul the main motor of the aluminum extruder and replace the bearings if necessary.

C. Check whether the heater is working properly and replace the heater if necessary.

D. Check the adjustment pad, pull out the screw and check whether the screw has interference phenomenon.

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