The Functions and Characteristics of Aluminium Profiles That You Don't Know

Extrusion plays an important role in the production of aluminum forming. What are the specifics? What is the role of the blower at the extrusion outlet of the aluminium profile, what are the characteristics of the extrusion molding method of the aluminium profile, and what is the important role of extrusion in the processing of the aluminium profile?

Ⅰ. What is the role of the blower at the extrusion outlet of aluminium profiles?

Blowing is just a way of cooling. In the extrusion production of aluminum materials, aluminium profiles can adop on-line heat treatment to utilize the heat generated by extrusion according to the characteristics of aluminum alloys.

You can choose different cooling methods, such as air cooling according to the characteristics of each material, such as mist cooling and water cooling both can be selected to achieve different cooling rates, thereby ensuring the quenching quality of the product. Good quenching quality can partially affect the effect of subsequent aging.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of aluminum extrusion molding method?

1. Extrusion can improve the deformation ability of metal

The metal will enter into a state of strong three-dimensional compressive stress in the extrusion deformation zone, which can give full play to the process plasticity of the material and obtain a large amount of deformation. For example, the extrusion ratio of pure aluminum can reach 500.

2. The comprehensive quality of the products is high

Extrusion deformation can improve the structure of metal materials and improve its mechanical properties, especially for some aluminum alloys with extrusion effect, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of extruded products after quenching and aging are much higher than other processing methods. similar products produced.

3. aluminium profiles can produce a wide range of products

Extrusion processing can not only produce pipes, rods, and wires with simple cross-sectional shapes, but also solid and hollow profiles with very complex cross-sectional shapes, as well as cross-sectional profiles that change in stages and gradually change along the length of the product.

4. Great flexibility in the production of aluminium profiles

Extruded aluminum processing has great flexibility, and products of different shapes, sizes, and varieties can be produced on the same equipment simply by changing the mold. And the operation of replacing the tooling and mould is simple and convenient, and the efficiency is high, suitable for many varieties. Multiple specifications. For the production of small batches of materials, the process flow is simple and the equipment investment is low. Compared with pipe and profile production processes such as piercing rolling and pass rolling, extruded aluminum production has the advantages of short process flow, less equipment and less investment.

Ⅲ. What is the important role of aluminium profiles in the processing?

1. Extruded aluminum is more malleable than other processing methods such as rolling or forging. For some materials that must be processed by rolling or forging, such as alloys such as 7075, it is also necessary to extrude the billet first, which can improve the structure and improve the plasticity.

2. Extrusion can not only make the section of the profile into different shapes, but also produce different and more complex section planes according to the different molds, increase the use efficiency, reduce the cost of the product, and improve the economic benefits.

3. The extrusion processing has great flexibility, and the profiles extruded by different dies are also different.

4. The precision of aluminium extruded products is very high. The higher the quality of the mold, the greater the precision and the lower the loss.

5. Aluminium extruded products have higher strength and better performance than aluminum alloy products that made by other methods.

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