Aluminum Profile Frame Connection: Is Welding the Common Method?

Aluminum profile frame connection and fixation can be achieved by welding, but we do not recommend it. Welding locks the frame, making it difficult to disassemble and recycle later. Therefore, from the perspective of recyclability, welding is not a good way to connect aluminum profile frames.

Connection method of aluminum profile frame

The commonly used connection method for aluminum profile frames is to use connectors, but many people want to use welding to stand out from others. We believe there is no need for that. There are many ways to show personalization, and welding is not a good choice. Before deciding whether to weld or not, let's first understand the conditions for welding.

The precondition for aluminum profile welding is that the surface cannot undergo oxidation treatment, that is, the profile surface cannot have an oxide film for welding; otherwise, welding is impossible. If it is done, surface protection treatment will be needed later to reduce oxidation and corrosion, which undoubtedly increases the cost. Therefore, we must start from reality, regardless of how others think it suits them.

Stability of aluminum profile frame connection

Many people choose to use welding for aluminum profile connection due to concerns over the stability of the frame, thinking that using attachment connection may be unstable and easily shake.

In fact, the situation is not like what they think. There are many connection methods for frames of aluminum profiles, and some internal connection parts are hidden in the profile, with high connection strength and load-bearing capacity. Holes need to be drilled on the profile before installation to increase the friction between attachments and profiles. The load-bearing capacity can reach over 3,500 kg, which is commonly used for making large maintenance platforms, equipment frames, and so on, to meet the needs of use.

But there are also some situations that require welding, such as preventing screws from slipping or using on construction sites. Specific installation methods can be selected according to the needs of use.

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