The Reasons Why the Extrusion of the Aluminum Extruder is Unstable or Unavailable

When the aluminum extruder is working, customers will inevitably encounter problems and malfunctions. At this moment, laymen will be in trouble: if the maintenance is not properly settled, itwill directly affect the quality and yield of aluminum products in the future. However, do not be anxious in such sitiations. Today, we will focus on the reasons why the extrusion of aluminum extruders is not stable or unavailable?

Ⅰ. Aluminum extruder does not discharge material indicates that the material intaking is not stable. The possible problems are as follows.

1. Feeder

Reason: The precision of the feeder precision is not high, resulting in unstable feeding, poor material flow, bridging, incontinuity of feeding.

Solution: The use of high-precision loss-in-weight feeder.

2. Aluminum extruder inlet

Cause: Materials accumulate aroud the feed opening, resulting in that material can not enter the aluminum extruder and the output is not stable.

Solution: Increase the forced feeding, increase the exhaust port, so that the material is easier to go down.

3. Materials are out of the exhaust port 

Cause: Screw wear or screw combination and temperature is not appropriate.

Solution: Adjust the screw combination or processing temperature.

Ⅱ. The reasons why sluminum extruder does not discharge

Check whether the extrusion screw is reversed, the temperature is appropriate and the screw is worn.

Possibly, the raw material output is unavailable, or not stable and intermittent. If it is the former situation, make sure the hopper inlet is smooth and does not have the phenomenon of bridging. We need to confirm that the aluminum extruder gearbox is in drive and whether the screw is in drive because the screw maybe broken inside.

In addition, if the temperature control is not good and the material wrapped around the screw is slippery, we need to pull out the screw, clean off the surface of the attachment, and restart the machine.

If it is the latter situation, please make sure that the motor and speed governor are good in turn. Make sure the gearbox is good. If all of the above are good, we may consider how long has the screw barrel been used. If it has been used for a long time, it is possible that the screw barrel wears and it is necessary to replace it. In solving these problems, the aluminium extruded products will be qualified.

Ⅲ. The reasons why aluminum extruder discharge is instable

1. Unevenness of the discharge port.

2. Unstable voltage.

3. The propeller is not uniform.

If it is old equipment, it is possible that the screw barrel is worn out and needs to be replaced.

If it is new equipment, we need to consider whether the motor and control system is normal and the aluminum extruder motor is running at a low speed.

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