Extruder Production of Aluminum Profile: How to Do Straightening and Avoid Deformation?

When an aluminum extruder produces an aluminum profile, how to do straightening without deformation? People who know something should know that unprocessed aluminum has low hardness , and mechanical automation equipment, assembly line tables are used in aluminum, so how to make the aluminum profile to withstand the load without deformation?

Actually, anyone who makes extruded aluminum knows that it is not worth scrapping the profile in the case of bending, and it should not happen, and it can be avoided. So, how to reduce or avoid scrap due to bending?

Ⅰ.Aluminum extruder extrusion straightening

What can aluminum extruder straightening function: eliminate the metal stress in the extrusion process, and control the size of the aluminum profile.

Straightening is a very serious part of the aluminum profile bending, so that straightening workers must pay attention to the intensity of straightening, because if aluminum extruder force is too large may produce deformation, closing, orange peel, etc., and if the force is too small may produce the profile is not straight, causing bending.

Ⅱ.Aluminum extrusion products frame

This part is also very important. After sawing the fixed length, the aluminum extrusion products should be framed. And then the framer should pay attention to “this material is big or small material”, “it is with the pipe or the plane mold pulled out of the material”. Generally speaking, big material and the material with the pipe lift both ends of the frame is not easy to cause bending, but small material and the surface mold pulled out of the material lift both ends is easy to cause bending. So that it should be close to the middle from both ends of the lifting frame. But some profiles are not even good enough, such as: louvers, window pieces, gland, etc., you must put this kind of aluminum extrusion products on the established profile and then lift to the frame.

Ⅲ.Aluminum extruder surface treatment rack

After establishing, the hardness of aluminum extrusion billet has reached the standard, and aluminum profile is not so easy to bend. But when restocking shelves ,it is still to pay attention to, when lifting material at both ends, try to avoid up and down strong fluctuations, strong fluctuations will also cause certain bending to the establishing aluminum extruder production of aluminum products.

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