How to Avoid the Scrapping of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Due to Bending?

Experienced friends in the aluminum profile industry should know that it is a pity that the aluminum profile products produced in the aluminum extruder production line are scrapped due to bending, and it is also a very troublesome thing. As for how to reduce this phenomenon, we will provide some methods. In order to reduce or avoid scrapping due to bending, we should pay attention to these three aspects: extrusion straightening, extrusion framing, and surface treatment and put materials on the shelf.

1. Extrusion straightening of the aluminum extruder

The straightening in the aluminum extruder production line is an important part that may cause the bending of the profile. The straightener must pay attention to the force used for straightening. If the force is too large, aluminum extrusion profiles aluminium profiles may suffer from problems such as deformation, closing up, orange peel, etc., while if the force is too small, the profile will not be straightened, resulting in bending.

2. Extrusion framing of the aluminum extruder

This link is also very important. After sawing the fixed length, the aluminum profile will be framed. At this time, the framer should pay attention to: whether the material is large or small, whether it is a pipe material or a material drawn from a flat mold?

Generally speaking, it is not easy to cause bending when the large material and the piped material of the aluminum extruder are lifted and framed at both ends, but the small material and the material pulled from the flat mold are easy to bend when the two ends are lifted. At this time, the lifting and framing should be carried out from both ends to the middle.

However, it is still not enough for some profiles, such as: aluminium shuttering construction, aluminium window profiles and such materials must be placed on the aged profiles and then lifted into the frame.

3. Finishing and shelving of the aluminum extruder

After the work of the aluminum extruder production line is completed, the billet has been aged and the hardness has reached the standard, and the aluminum profile is not so easy to become bent, but it is still necessary to pay attention when putting materials on the shelf. When lifting material at both ends, try to avoid vigorous fluctuation, which will also cause certain bending of the aging aluminum profile.

When the aluminum extruder produces aluminum, improper operation or carelessness will easily lead to the bending and scrapping of the profile. Therefore, after the aluminum extrusion profile is extruded, straitening is a very important step, which should be paid attention to so as to reduce the generation of waste and reduce losses.

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