Precautions for Installing the Aluminum Extruder

Today, let's take a look at the things that need to be paid attention to when installing the aluminum extruder for aluminum profiles. Many aluminum extruder manufacturers are also responsible for installation, and professional masters will arrive at the site to install and debug. The same is true for our company. Therefore, These installation tips shared today are still very practical, so let us learn together.

1. Gearbox installation of the aluminum extruder

It includes a gear box body. The output shaft is arranged in the gear box body, the thrust bag is arranged on the left side wall of the gear box body, and the gear box body is connected to the sleeve of the extruder through the thrust assembly. The power output end of the output shaft is connected to the extruder screw through the thrust assembly. The traditional output shaft is divided into two parts, the output shaft and the coupling sleeve. The output shaft can be pre-assembled into standard parts and other parts of the gearbox, and its connecting sleeve can be quickly customized according to user requirements so as to shorten production.

2. Use and installation of the aluminum extruder

At present, a new type of aluminum extruder for different types of aluminum profiles is used, including its base fixedly installed on the four corners of the base, its die clamping box and power device, which are fixedly installed on the base for rotation, and one side of the die clamping box is fixed. Install the fixed mold, and set the movable mold on the other side of the fixed mold. The device has a frosted layer on the surface of the lower conical table and the inner wall of the conical through hole, so that the raw material is finely polished to ensure uniform material particles. In addition, heating can be more complete and fast, indirectly improving work efficiency.

The sliding plate is driven to go down or up by the connecting rod of the aluminum extruder, so that the gap between the lower conical table and the conical through hole can be adjusted, so as to control the falling of the material. And wait for the cooling to be unified after acceleration, so as to save resources. The particles are filtered, discharged through the pipe fittings, and transported to the next process for treatment to ensure the air quality of the injection molding workshop.

Our factory is well-equipped with 40 extrusion production lines with a production capacity of 500 to 5500 tons. With a total annual output of 15,000 tons, Otalum produces a wide range of aluminum extrusion products, including door and window systems, curtain walls, performance shutters, heat sinks, solar panel frames, etc., and can provide customized services. Our engineers can help you design your own extrusion structures and produce your own systems.

Aluminum surface treatment is another important part of the aluminum extrusion industry. Luckily we have almost all of them: 3 anodizing lines, 3 vertical powder coating lines and 6 horizontal lines, 1 PVDF painting line and 1 wood grain workshop, which give us the confidence to provide you with the desired surface treatment with perfect quality. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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