The Current Status of Aluminum Extrusion Die Design

Since it is a very complicated and difficult task to design a reasonable structure and economical and practical aluminum extrusion die, extrusion workers from all over the world have done a lot of research work on aluminum extrusion die design theory and methods.

1. Current status of aluminum extrusion die design

In the initial development of aluminum extrusion die design, aluminum extrusion die design is generally based on mechanical design principles, using traditional strength theories and the practical experience of designers. With the development of elastoplastic theory and extrusion theory, many new experimental theories and methods, calculation theories and methods have begun to be used in the field of aluminum extrusion die design and production. For example, engineering calculation method, metal flow coordinate grid method, photoelastic photoplastic method, dense grid pattern cloud method, slip line method, upper limit element theory and finite element theory are widely used in the determination of mold strain field and various strength check to optimize its structure and process elements. With the development of computer technology, the CAD/CAM technology of aluminum extrusion die has been rapidly developed recently, and a large part of the technology is concentrated on the optimization of aluminum extrusion die design. At present, there is a CAD system developed with AUTOCAD120 as the graphics support environment and VISUALBASIC4.0 as the development tool, which can effectively engage in various calculations of the extrusion flat die, thereby optimizing the design results; introducing the CAE concept into the mold design process points out the direction of optimal design; proposing the concept of intelligent CAD provides some ideas for the intelligentization of aluminum extrusion die design.

2. Development of aluminum extrusion die design

In addition, domestic and foreign scientific researchers have used theoretical analysis, physical simulation and numerical simulation to carry out a large number of analyses and experiments on the deformation process, stress field and temperature field distribution and changes, friction and lubrication of aluminum profile extrusion, and according to its research results, through the aluminum extrusion die design, the aluminum extrusion die is optimized. There are more systematic discussions on the design of various aluminum extrusion dies. Some Chinese researchers have used finite element method combined with experimental methods to analyze and optimize the design of aluminum extrusion die, the best contour line and die structure of aluminum extrusion die. The future development prospects of aluminum extrusion die design will get better and better.

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