What Are the Values of Aluminum Extruder?

Many customers visit the aluminum extruder website, and they can't help to asking what is the price of an aluminum extruder? After asking and telling them an approximate price, some customers did not reply when they heard the price, and some even wanted to invest at a lower price, requiring a high-configuration, high-quality equipment. In this regard, we resolutely said no to this phenomenon.

We earnestly develop and produce each production line of the aluminum extruder, we have our own value to stick to, and will not disregard our reputation and image for the so-called interests.

The price of aluminum extrusion equipment is affected by many factors, including the manufacturer's raw material selection, production process, and cost flow in each link. These are demonstrating the value of equipment.

Ⅰ. Values of the aluminum extruder itself

Every link of aluminum extruder equipment from research, design, material selection, production, quality inspection, packaging and delivery, installation and commissioning, to the after-sales service, they all contain the effort and hard work of all our employees. The equipment cost spent on this also gives special significance to the value of aluminum extruder equipment.

Ⅱ. The use value of aluminum extruder

If the quality and performance of the aluminum extruder are good, but they cannot match the extrusion production of related workpieces, it will be of no avail. Therefore, when there is a customer consultation, we generally need to understand the customer's needs first, the size, wall thickness, process requirements of the profile that needs to be produced. Because each type of aluminum extruder has requirements for the size of the extruded profile.

Ⅲ. The added value of the aluminum extruder

It is also very important to choose the aluminium extrusion manufacturer's brand and service for the aluminum extruder. Compared with some small workshops that are not very large, the brand means protection, and the service means that there is no worries about the use of aluminum extruder equipment.

The price and value of aluminum extruders are complementary, and the price and value of the equipment cannot be divided. If you pay attention to its quality, please respect its value.

Our aluminium profile factory is well-equipped with 40 extrusion production lines with a production capacity of 500-5500 tons. Otalum has a total annual output of 15,000 tons and produces a wide range of aluminium extrusion products, including door and window systems, curtain walls, performance shutters, heat sinks, solar panel frames, and can provide customized services. Our engineers can help you design your own extrusion structure and produce your own system.

Aluminium surface finish is another important part of the aluminum extrusion industry. Fortunately, we have almost all of them. We have 3 anodizing lines, 3 vertical powder spraying lines and 6 horizontal lines, 1 PVDF painting line and 1 wood grain workshop, so that we are confident to provide you with the surface treatment you need with perfect quality. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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