What Are the Considerations for Selecting Industrial Aluminum Extrusion?

Industrial aluminum profiles have been widely used in many fields due to their diverse specifications, lightweight and easy to shape, convenient disassembly and assembly, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, rich colors, and green environmental protection and recyclability.

The various specifications and models can meet the different needs of most users. Even for aluminum profile specifications with special requirements, industrial aluminum profile manufacturers can customize molds according to needs.

When choosing specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles, it is certainly convenient to choose experienced manufacturers, but for beginners who are new to the profile industry, the selection of industrial aluminum profiles can still be challenging. Learn what to consider when selecting a profile with the following content!

Strength of industrial aluminum extrusion

This can also refer to the load-bearing capacity of industrial aluminum profiles. In terms of mechanics, the strength of industrial aluminum profiles includes tensile strength, compression strength, and yield strength, which determine the extent to which industrial aluminum profiles fracture or exceed the allowable deformation force under load.

If industrial aluminum profiles are selected improperly, they can easily be broken or damaged.

Place of use of industrial aluminum profiles

Refers to the environment and location where industrial aluminum profiles are used. After surface treatment, industrial aluminum profiles have a layer of oxide film on the surface, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and can protect industrial aluminum profiles from corrosion, and can be used in harsh environments.

Industrial aluminum profiles have many surface treatment methods, and different treatment methods have different functions. Users can choose suitable surface treatment methods and industrial aluminum extrusion specifications according to their own needs for use.

Appearance requirements of industrial aluminum extrusion

This refers to the color of industrial aluminum profiles, and the surface treatment of industrial aluminum profiles can be made into various colors.

The common colors of alu extrusion profiles currently are silver-white, matte black, champagne, antique bronze, imitation steel, etc. Silver-white is generally used in the industry and is relatively common, and the accessory colors are also uniform.

Estimated cost of industrial aluminum extrusion

This refers to the user's own estimation of the order cost. Industrial aluminum extrusion models can be selected based on the user's cost input.

Of course, if your product requires a large cross-section, the cost of materials with larger cross-sections and higher load-bearing capacity will be higher than those of smaller cross-sections and lower load-bearing capacity.

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