Eight Advantages of Customized Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Frames

With the progress of modern industrial automation, the industrial aluminum extrusion frame has been favored by many manufacturers in comparison to the requirements of modern standard factories.

First of all, it is important to understand what is industrial aluminum extrusion frame customization. The industrial aluminum extrusion frame is a type of frame or cabinet body used for supporting equipment machines and protecting them, such as mask machine frames, automation system integration brackets, transmission conveyor line brackets, and equipment protective covers, etc.

What are the advantages of customizing industrial aluminum extrusion frames? 

Less industrial aluminum extrusion machining

Given that industrial aluminum profiles can be extruded into various irregular cross-sections, as long as the planning is reasonable, extruding industrial aluminum profiles can be easily assembled, thereby reducing the demand for machining.

Low cost of industrial aluminum extrusion extrusion mold

In comparison to other materials such as steel or iron, the cost of industrial aluminum extrusion extrusion molds is relatively low.

Strong plasticity of industrial aluminum profiles

Customized equipment machine racks made with industrial aluminum profiles have strong plasticity, a complete range of aluminum specifications, and multiple processing methods, all of which use numerical control lathes for high precision.

Industrial aluminum profiles are simply and quickly assembled without welding

Industrial aluminum profiles are lightweight

Extruded aluminum alloy profiles produced by the aluminum profile manufacturer are lightweight, high in strength and durable. Compared to other materials, the weight of aluminum structures that accomplish the same function is only about half of that of other metal structures, making it convenient for transportation.

Industrial aluminum profiles are aesthetically pleasing

The framework of automation equipment is usually non-standard customized, using various industrial aluminum profiles to build, which can maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the factory area.

Industrial aluminum profiles have recycling value

The industrial aluminum extrusion material frame can also be disassembled and assembled again according to different product requirements, and even recycling has very good economic value.

Industrial aluminum profiles are environmentally friendly and cost-saving

These advantages of alu extrusion profiles cannot be replicated or replaced by other materials. Choosing industrial aluminum profiles to customize equipment machine racks is correct and economical.

The above eight points are the advantages of industrial aluminum extrusion frames, which is why the use of aluminum profile frames has been widely favored in recent years!

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