Aluminium Fabrication


Aluminium extrusion fabrication is vital for several different products. From automobiles to solar panels and supportive frames to electronics, aluminum can be found in nearly every industry. At Otalum, we keep improving our fabrication capabilities to meet your unique demands. With a wide selection of automatic and manual equipment, we ensure consistent and customized quality for aluminum fabrication services of all kinds. That means your job can be done right the first time.

Over the past decades, we've worked closely with all kinds of companies related to aluminium extrusion. We have learned about the needs of different industries because we've provided customized aluminum fabrication and manufacturing solutions to meet their specifications. However, we know that every project is different even if they belong to the same industry.


With Otalum, you can always get quality aluminium extrusions with great customer service for your projects. Everything we do is to make your part as easy as possible. As a one-stop-shop for all your aluminium extrusion sections, Otalum has the capabilities to extrude, finish, fabricate and assemble components to your precise requirements.

Fabrication is the process of adding features to a basic object by aluminium cutting, punching, bending, drilling, stamping, welding, or milling it into a product ready for assembly. Aluminum extrusions respond readily to fabrication.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling is an automated machining process that removes material from basic raw material. It has a wide range of applications in both architectural and industrial areas. The cutters of CNC milling machine are controlled by computer instructions, guaranteeing extremely high precision and repeatability. It can produce parts of nearly any shape from aluminum, steel, or plastics, producing a variety of custom-designed parts and products.

Aluminum Precision Cut-To-Length

Precision cut-to-length is the fabrication process to aluminum extrusions into two or more pieces by a CNC cutting machine. It can be straight cut or miter cut with certain angles. Otalum can cut aluminum extrusions to any length with an extremely small tolerance.

Aluminum Punching

Punching is one of the most popular fabrication processes in aluminium industries. Window, door, lighting, enclosure, furniture, and many other applications of aluminium need to be punched.

Aluminum Bending

Aluminium bending is always requested in the industries such as automotive, construction, curtain wall, railing and furniture. There are various methods for bending aluminium. Aluminium roll bending is the most flexible and cost-efficient bending method. A profile is guided between three adjustable bending rolls and gradually bent in the desired radius.
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