The Difficulty with Choosing Industrial Aluminum Profiles

As we all know, there are many specifications for industrial aluminum profiles, and there are hundreds of commonly used specifications, with more than ten possible variations within the same series. When choosing a type, do you encounter the following difficulties?

Should you choose Chinese or European standards for industrial aluminum extrusion?

Generally speaking, European standard aluminum profiles are more commonly used in the market and are cheaper than Chinese standard aluminum profiles. European standard aluminum profiles have more connection methods and can be used to build more frame structures.

For the same specification and model, Chinese standard aluminum profiles have a better load-bearing capacity than European standard profiles, but large Chinese standard profiles are rare because they are relatively expensive. If the load-bearing capacity of the frame structure exceeds 2000 kg, only heavy-duty European standard profiles can be used.

Should you choose light or heavy industrial aluminum extrusion?

Within the same specification and model, there are light and heavy profiles. How should you choose? Mainly based on the load-bearing capacity of the customized frame, just like an aluminum profile workbench. If the load-bearing capacity is around 150 kg, 4040 light profiles can be chosen. If the load-bearing capacity is around 350 kg, 4040 heavy profiles can be chosen.

Should you choose thick-walled or thin-walled industrial aluminum extrusion?

Many people believe that thicker industrial aluminum profiles are better, which can be understood, but blindly pursuing thickness will cause the original value of the aluminum profiles to be lost, and costs will also increase.

Both thick-walled and thin-walled industrial aluminum profiles have their applicable ranges, and we need to choose suitable profile specifications according to our own needs.

Should you choose black or silver aluminum profiles?

The common colors of industrial aluminum extrusion are black and silver. Black is more expensive than silver, but its quality is better. If you don't care about the price, black aluminum profiles are more suitable for your product frames, and you can choose black aluminum profiles.

Generally, industrial aluminum extrusion manufacturers recommend using silver aluminum profiles because they are cost-effective. In addition to these two colors, other colors can also be customized according to needs, such as steel-like colors and champagne colors.

Should you choose standard profiles or customized profiles?

The advantage of using standard aluminum profiles is that they are available in stock and can be purchased at any time, and their prices are relatively affordable. If customized, designs can be based on your own needs, but they are more expensive, require a minimum order quantity, and have delivery risks.

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