Some Knowledge about Aluminum Profile Extrusion

How does aluminum extrusion work? The working principle, composition and classification of aluminum extrusion are the focus of attention. Now, let's take a look.

1. Extrusion Principle of Aluminum Profile

Aluminum profile extrusion is a kind of metal forming method, which applies an external force to the metal blank placed in the container (extrusion cylinder) to make it flow out of the specific die hole to obtain the required cross-section shape and size.

2. Structure of the Aluminum Profile Extruder

Aluminum profile extruder is composed of a main motor oil pump, auxiliary oil motor oil pump, main oil cylinder, auxiliary oil cylinder, movable beam, front beam, slide frame, shearing device, front column frame, tension column, extrusion cylinder and hydraulic system under electrical control.

3. Classification of Extrusion Methods for Aluminum Profiles

According to the different types, including stress-strain state, extrusion direction, lubrication state, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed, type or structure of tool and die, shape or number of blank, shape or number of products in aluminium extrusion cylinder, the extrusion methods for extrusion profiles can be divided into forwarding extrusion method and reverse extrusion method (including plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, general three-dimensional extrusion), lateral extrusion, glass lubrication extrusion, static night extrusion, continuous extrusion and so on.

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