Learn About Industrial Aluminum Profile Processing Equipment

Industrial aluminum profile processing requires multiple processes. Different processing equipment is needed to complete different processes. Let's learn about the processing equipment for industrial aluminum profiles.

Extrusion equipment for industrial aluminum profiles

Metal extrusion is an important method of metal plastic forming under pressure. Its important feature is that the metal ingot can be processed into pipes, rods, profiles, etc. in one step, almost without other methods.

Straightening equipment for industrial aluminum profiles

Straightening hydraulic press is mainly used for stretching, flipping, bending and stamping of sheet metal parts, and can also be used for general stamping processes. Straightening hydraulic presses can add punching buffer, punching, and movement according to user needs. Production of stage and other equipment. In addition to forging, straightening hydraulic presses can also be used for straightening, pressing, packaging, pressing and suppression.

Cutting machine for industrial aluminum profiles

The cutting machine is used to cut industrial aluminum profiles. Nowadays, the overall length of industrial aluminum profiles is generally long. We need to cut the profiles to customized sizes. The cutting machines include double-head cutting machines and laser cutting machines. The cutting loss of ordinary cutting machines is 0.5mm, and the precision of laser cutting machines is relatively high.

Tapping machine for industrial aluminum profiles

Tapping machine is one of the most widely used internal thread processing machinery. Tapping machines can be divided into: table tapping machines-semi-automatic table tapping machines, vertical tapping machines, and horizontal tapping machines.

Aluminum stamping machine for industrial aluminum profiles-open tilting press

When we are assembling the frame, some industrial aluminum profiles need to be drilled, so we need a punch. The punch can not only drill holes, but also bend sheets or profiles.

The above mentioned 5 processing equipment are needed in the process of processing industrial aluminum profiles. We hope that the above content can be helpful to you!

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