What Are the Issues to Avoid When Processing Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in people's daily life and production, and the types are diverse. For enterprises in different industries, there may be some situations where a batch of aluminum profiles needs to be processed a second time in order to be effectively utilized. So, what should we pay attention to when processing and producing these aluminum profiles? Let's take a look.

When processing industrial aluminum profiles, the following issues must be avoided:

  • Stretching industrial aluminum profiles. When stretching industrial aluminum profiles, it is necessary to cool the temperature to below 50℃ first, and then move it to the stretching frame for stretching treatment. If the temperature is too high, it may not only scald the operator, but also may cause the internal stress of the entire industrial aluminum extrusion to be not completely ineffective and result in distortion.

  • When stretching industrial aluminum extrusion materials, the stretching amount should be controlled within 1%. If the stretching amount is too high, the size of the tail end of the material is prone to significant errors, which may lead to low elongation, brittle material, and a decrease in the plasticity of the entire industrial aluminum extrusion, affecting the quality of the material.

  • When processing industrial aluminum profiles, pay more attention to the stress condition at the edge of the material and the stress condition of the opening or viewpoint to prevent the uneven application of stress on the entire material, which may cause partial deformation, spiral, and other problems in the industrial aluminum extrusion.

  • The wool strip of industrial aluminum profiles itself has a certain thermal insulation effect. When processing industrial aluminum profiles used for surface decoration, pay attention to rotating them up and down to heat the entire profile, dissipate heat symmetrically, and reduce the possibility of lateral bright spots on the material surface. Especially for some large-area industrial aluminum profiles, be more careful.

The above content is some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when processing industrial aluminum profiles. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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