Aluminum Alloy Profile Hardware Accessories and Their Relationship with Profile Functions

  • Aluminum alloy profile hardware accessories are an important part of it, and its performance and quality have an important impact on the function of aluminum alloy profiles. With the continuous development of modern technology, aluminum alloy profile hardware accessories (handles, handrails, sliding supports, hinges, connectors, etc.) are also increasingly pouring into the market.

    Modern architectural profiles can be roughly divided into: plastic windows, composite windows, aluminum alloy windows, among which aluminum alloy windows are the main building profiles in China today, occupying a considerable proportion of the current architecture. In fact, aluminum alloy windows have their advantages in terms of wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, and environmental protection.

    Due to the fact that aluminum alloy is extremely prone to passivation under natural conditions, when hardware accessories are made of general metal materials, the structure of industrial aluminum profiles will be a combination of very small anodes.

  • Adopting new technologies, new processes, and new materials is the only way to improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy profile hardware accessories. Hardware manufacturers use physical vapor deposition to produce hardware accessories with excellent appearance and corrosion resistance. Vacuum plating has the advantages of strong adhesion, no easy peeling of plating layer, good diffraction, uniform plating layer thickness, dense plating layer, less pinholes and bubbles, easy pre-treatment, simple process, material saving, and no pollution, etc.

    Aluminum alloy profiles hardware can deposit elemental, alloy or compound coatings on metal or non-metal surfaces, and has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, optics and other industrial sectors to prepare various special performance coatings.

    With the continuous improvement, large-scale and continuous improvement of vacuum deposition equipment, as well as the development of coating coating technology, decorative coatings with good adhesion, strong wear resistance and high brightness can be obtained. Foreign countries use vacuum plating on the surfaces of some accessories such as handles and hinges, and obtain surfaces with excellent comprehensive performance, making handles, hinges and other single functional accessories become accessories with both functional and decorative properties.

    Otalum has become a professional aluminum extrusion manufacturer for building systems and industrial applications. At Otalum, we offer a wide range of manufacturing, including precision cutting, drilling, punching, deburring, and CNC machining. The use of advanced equipment ensures the quality of various manufacturing projects. Please feel free to inquire.

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